A few days ago, Nothing sub-brand CMF introduced its very first smartphonethe CMF Phone 1and this is Nothing’s cheapest device yet. What it lacks in specs, it certainly makes up for in design power and customizability.

Unlike any other mainstream device, you can replace the back, with Nothing already offering a few options, but also with which you can make your own 3D printerif you want. You can also add other accessories like a lanyard or card holder and in theory the sky is the limit.

Our video review of Nothing's CMF Phone 1 is out now

It’s certainly an intriguing take on the barebones smartphone, this one, with the unique design and customizability no doubt trying to distract you from the specs – which aren’t bad, mind you, but the lack of NFC in 2024 is very hard to excuse. That’s a $1-5 cost saving that we’re sure many people would have happily paid on top of the phone’s current price in order to be able to use mobile payments.

Nothing CMF Phone 1

Anyway, we’ve already reviewed the CMF Phone 1 extensively in our written reviewand now it’s time to summarize all our findings in a clear and concise video. That’s right, our video review is out now.

In less than seven minutes, you’ll learn all about the most important aspects of this device: the design (of course), the build quality, the current accessories that CMF offers, the quality of the display and speaker, the fingerprint scanner, the storage, the software, the performance, the battery life, the charging, and the quality of the camera.

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