The identity of the leaders behind the Shiba Inu Project has remained a mystery since the project’s inception, pseudonymous founder Ryoshi to current Lead Developer Shytoshi Kusama. Since Ryoshi stepped back from the project and the spotlight, Shytoshi Kusama has since taken over and is leading the project. However, it appears that the lead developer’s tenure will also be short-lived, following a recent statement that could lead to Kusama leaving the project as well.

Shiba Inu lead developer may leave project

In a statement released issued by lead developer, Shytoshi Kusama revealed that his time at the helm of the Shiba Inu ecosystem will come to an end at some point. lead developer revealed this at the same time as revelations about the project’s current plans for the community.

The Shiba Inu team plans to tour primarily to a number of locations, starting with Kyoto, Japan, where the team will be very first meet-and-greed with the communityThe tour, which the team has dubbed the “Treat Yourself” tour, is a reference to the upcoming TREATMENT token At launch, the team will stop at multiple locations to engage with the community.

This tour is just one of many things the team plans to accomplish in an effort to realize Ryoshi’s vision for the future. Shiba Inu EcosystemAnother development is a fully homomorphic encryption capability granted to all SHIB holders, made possible by the Zama AI encryption system.

Additionally, the team plans to launch its own conference called “SHIBACON 2024.” According to the statement, this conference will be held in Thailand and will be the final stop on the “Treat Yourself” tour in 2024, which will take place around the same time as DevCon.

With the completion of this however, Shytoshi Kusama reveals that this would mean he would eventually have to step out of the spotlight, just as founder Ryoshi did. This will ensure that Shiba Inu is a self-sustaining, decentralized ecosystem that does not need a leader, just as SHIB’s founder intended.

How Ryoshi Left Space

Shiba Inu founder Ryoshi has managed to remain anonymous despite the meme coin project’s massive popularity. To further cement his anonymity, the SHIB founder wipes out all traces of their history from all social media accounts, including X (formerly Twitter) and Medium posts.

The following follows Ryoshi completely disappeared from the community, leaving Lead Developer Shytoshi Kusama in charge of the project. Before he disappeared, Ryoshi had hinted at this earlier, saying, “I’m not important, and one day I’ll be gone without warning. Take the SHIBA and travel upward, friends.”

Interestingly, this disappearance resembles that of Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamotowhich was active for a while after the cryptocurrency was launched. However, a year after Bitcoin was launched in 2010, Nakamoto has completely disappeared and we have not been heard from since.

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